Wide range of Java projects from desktop applications, web services to modern web applications

  • Web services for displaying data on an output device implemented in Spring WS, Spring Security and Spring Boot. Services were automated build in Gradle.
  • REST services for sending messages to pagers through TCP protocol. It was realized by using Spring MVC and Spring Security.
  • A web application displaying information above equipment and its actual location. This web application was realized in Vaadin framework and Jersey library.
  • A development and maintenance of an Eclipse RCP application. The application uses PostgreSQL database. The database and service layers were implemented in Hibernate and Spring. We used JasperReports as the reporting engine. The application was automated build with Maven and Tycho plugin.


Mobile applications development for android

  • App for viewing and editing of data from an information system.
  • Working on local database and communicating with a remote system over web services.
  • Searching of data based on barcodes or RFID chips read through bluetooth reader.


A  unique analytical tool that automatically measures and analyses activities of each team member

  • TEAMsCOM is designed for Google Apps for Work.
  • It runs on Google App Engine platform.
  • The frontend application is implemented in Javascript in AngularJS framework.
  • Google Datastore is used as data storage.
  • Please, visit our product pages at to learn more about business values of our product.


Client/server applications for database systems Oracle, MSSQL and Firebird

  • Development and maintenance of a client/server application. Supports database systems MSSQL, Oracle and Firebird.
  • Solution for synchronization in a distributed environment.
  • Implementation of input and output interfaces to other information systems.
  • Windows services for automated data import, mailing...
  • Development of reports in List and Label.