Custom software development is our core competency. Based on your requirements we design and implement rubost, secure and scalable solutions. We are using verified solutions and technologies, that allow effective and quick implementation of an application and it's easy maintanence in the future.

For best customer satisfaction and requirement fulfillement we preffer an agile development process. On regular basis we present the developed product to the customer, let him to participate on testing, task priorization and requirement refinement for the next development cycle. It allow as to quickly acquire and incorporate a feedback, identify new requirements and quickly react on changes.

We are using modern processes and tools for the application design and development. We put emphasis on the database and object design and the code quality (design patterms, clean code, DRY, SOLID, ...).

We are specialized in an application development for PostgreSQL, ORACLE and MS SQL databases. The base for an application logic development is Java and Spring, for web interface it is the Angular framework.

We offer:

- requeirement analysis, software architecture design, object oriented analysis and design

- design and implementation of web applications (SPA) connected to REST server

- implementation of mobile applications

- analyses, design and implementation of client/server or multitier database applications

- API design, implementation of REST or SOAP web services

- Implementation of tools for data import, export, processing or transformation

- For partners from EU we offer outsourcing of software development and maintanence